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25. R2M

R2M Solution SRL

Pavia, Italy

25. R2M

R2M Solution is an integrated and multi-disciplinary consulting company that aggressively targets filling the gap between research activities and market implementation. We excel at helping companies grow and acting as an accelerator for bringing technologies and services to the market across the fields of innovation, engineering, energy, sustainability, ICT and innovative products. We invest in opportunities, conduct research, and offer pure engineering, energy services, and ICT consulting services.  


Half of our activities are in Research and Innovation – the realization of new knowledge, products and services typically in the framework of collaborative European research. The other half or our activities focus on the commercialization, early adoption and scaling of new products and services that disrupt markets, solve problems and make our clients more competitive.  We operate most in the sustainability sector where we are deeply engaged in energy, buildings, construction and the smart grid. 

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Our MeZeroe vision

R2M will lead the development of the MEZeroE multi-sided open innovation platform and the integration, testing and validation of the developed solution. R2M will also support the exploitation activities during the project, participating in the identification of business models for the portal, creation of programs to support the creation of a wide ecosystem of users through to business model creation. Post project, R2M will be the leading partner for the management and further development of this platform within a viable business model construct, which it constitutes the main motivation for the R2M participation in the project.  


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