Inside the MEZeroE project we are setting up a Community where a comprehensive knowledge management environment as well as tailored training will serve as an intermediary among stakeholder groups from designing to the end user of the nearly zero energy building (nZEB) envelope products.

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MEZeroE Community

MEZeroE is a practice driven organization that facilitates product testing (standard, modified or non-standard), providing state-of-the-art testing facilities, offering support and ready to use approaches for manufacturers to obtain product certification and deliver it to the market. As an extension to rigorous testing, non-engineering approaches are implemented in the living laboratory testing site through introduction of user feedback as a new variable. In the living laboratory test site, the product performance will be monitored by different sensors providing the data in real life conditions. The approach is based on open innovation system where development and users’ feedback are closely connected in order to provide faster deployment of the nZEB envelope products. Product testing as well as multiple living laboratories will be scattered throughout Europe.

Become a member

Being a member of MEZeroE community gives you access to: physical places supporting open innovation, state-of-the-art research and testing, secure and controlled knowledge sharing, complete set of standard, modified and non-standard testing, assistance in testing and certification processes, networking, all regarding nZEB envelope products.

Building owners

gain information and feedback about novel nZEB envelope products. If you want to install nZEB envelope products to your building, you can do so free of charge – application form is available here.

Start-ups and open innovation carriers

access various testing facilities and seek help and mentorship with testing and certification protocols while introducing fresh and flexible ideas to the market.

Real-estate actors

can get feedback on acceptance of nZEB envelope products.


can benefit from the novel nZEB envelope products while offering- feedback resulting in co-creating better versions of novel products.


gain data from testing on real buildings and an insight to users’ perception of your product which in return can lead to refinement of the product via consumer interaction.

Technical assessment and certification bodies

gain tool for information exchange beyond their associations and are brought closer to the innovation process

Researchers, developers and innovators

may benefit from the complex information concealed in users’ feedback, using the data obtained from the LLTS’ as validation of simulation models, exploiting existing or developing new data evaluation procedures.


are enabled to be acquainted with latest development in the field of nZEB envelope products and can optimize their measures to pro- mote best available technologies at the time.

Designers and engineers

can familiarize themselves with the trends in the technological development in the area and in return provide useful insights regarding market needs and engineering options.


involved in the process of design and testing of novel technology is vital for producing effective and products successful on the market, while it can be beneficial for them as well in terms of truly knowing and understanding the technology use and purpose.

Industrial investors

can find appropriate topics for their future R&D projects using a broad network of members.

Product testing and certification institutions

can complement their activities in order to widen common offering.

ALL MEMBERS will also gain first hand access to virtual market place (under construction) in order to fully explore the benefits of involvement in the MEZeroE Living Laboratory, e.g., through clear vision of testing activities, supported certification process, support in open innovation process etc.