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06. CUT

Cracow University of Technology

Kraków, Poland

06. CUT

Cracow University of Technology (CUT) is a public university located in central Kraków, Poland, established in 1946 and, as an institution of higher learning, granted full autonomy in 1954. The Civil Engineering Faculty is one of CUT’s cornerstones. Thanks to an extended scientific background and extensive research, the Faculty is a highly valued partner in cooperation with many commercial enterprises. It offers advice and is able to conduct specialist examinations in accredited laboratories and to put innovative technologies into practice.  


Faculty members also bring their expertise in a number of fields related to building and engineering construction and work closely with industry partners. The Małopolska Energy Saving Construction Laboratory (MLBE), a center that conducts large-scale research on energy-saving technologies, material, construction and installation solutions as well as the comfort of using low-energy buildings, is also part of the Faculty.

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Our MeZeroe vision

CUT’s overall aim is to create long-term collaboration with the MEZeroE project partners as well as members of industry and the research community in developing and testing of innovative solutions for building envelopes. CUT has ambitions to be the reference institution for complex evaluation of connectors in envelopes (between component materials and supporting structures), facing safety requirements related to static and dynamic strong loads, durability, thermal and vibro-acoustic insulation, allowing innovative products enter a market easily and quickly. 

Faculty of Civil Engineering of CUT
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