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Open Innovation Services (OIS)


Standard framework procedures for certification and marking (ITEC, ZAG, EURAC, TECNALIA). Roadmap for product certification and marking applied to a set of products (provided by IND partners) and general framework to support the creation of new roadmaps for specific products outside of the consortium.


Cost-effective M&V smart kit for living labs (ARBNCO, GreenTEG, NUVAP, EURAC, DTU, POLIMI); Protocol for M&V in living labs to verify and characterize the performance of building envelope products.


Guidance for open innovation life cycle management (INCURVO, EURAC, R2M, POLIMI, TECNALIA) Set of digital services accessible from a unique point of access (Digital Platform), where users can obtain guidance for support performance-based innovation process by using a common language and standard reference for performance characterization, while assuring sustainability and feasibility of the product development.