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Barcelona, Spain


Flexbrick has already changed the paradigm of installing facades around the world. 

Plied in lengths long as 20m and taken directly from the pallet to their final position in the building in a flash, the patented ceramic fabrics are safely and easily hung like a curtain made of bricks with a customizable pattern that allows fast and reliable prefabricated construction while adding special features and beauty to the building envelope. It is completely perfect fit between a fast high-tech industrialized system and traditional materiality. 

The system:  The woven mesh assures the safe and easy replacement of the element inserted on a system fully oriented to be hung, while offering redundant security and freeing the whole system from traditional joints and expansion movements. Flexbrick tissues are manufactured from recycled and recyclable materials and installed with mechanical dry fixations allowing full recyclability. The tissues are shipped in a compact way, thus producing a nearly zero carbon print, while our terracotta bricks are manufactured mostly 100% using biogas from Barcelona’s landfill close to our facilities. 

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Our MeZeroe vision

Our motivation in MEZeroE project is about characterizing already developed tissues and also metering and testing our new solutions to be introduced in the market, which provide new tools for the zero-emission oriented construction.  

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