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The MEZeroE multi-side virtual marketplace is a foundation of the ecosystem. It is the place where members can meet, find and provide services and practical tools, and exchange knowledge. At the marketplace they will also receive the support they need to bring their ground-breaking ideas on building envelope products directly to the market and useful advice on developing a suitable business strategy. 

MEZeroE web-based multi-side virtual meketplace

Here’s how it works: A system producer entering the platform with a specific set of needs is guided through the identification of exactly services and providers necessary to meet these needs.

That producer can access information and existing knowledge or receive notifications the moment new opportunities appear on the platform. When the producer and the service provider are connected via the platform, they can make their own arrangements away from the platform.

Later, the producer will be encouraged to make a contribution to the platform’s contents in the form of knowledge and pre-competitive data either in the spirit of open innovation or because of potential direct benefits (e.g., a discount for a future service). The ecosystem is open not only in terms of access to the knowledge repository, but also in terms of members’ willingness to create an active network beyond the project’s timeline.

The MEZeroE multi-side virtual marketplace makes it possible to match specific services with anyone that needs them in a single virtual location. Every stakeholder - RTDs, service providers, SMEs, industry players, public institutions and private citizens – has access to the marketplace via a single-entry point.

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