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Cortaccia, Italia


Rothoblaas is the multinational Italian company that has made innovative technology its mission, making its way to the forefront for timber buildings and construction safety in just a few years. Thanks to its comprehensive product range and the technically-prepared and widespread sales network, the company promotes the transfer of its knowhow to the customers and aims to be a prominent and reliable partner for developing and innovating products and building methods. All of this contributes to a new culture of sustainable construction, focused on increasing comfortable living and reducing CO2 emissions. 

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Our MeZeroe vision

Activities such as this, which base the development of innovative solutions on continuous collaboration and exchange with research centers and specialized bodies, are valuable to us as they enrich our experience and that of the entire timber construction sector. That is why we are proud to be part of the MEZeroE project, which facilitates the development of building solutions with a focus on environmental sustainability, which is what we do every day in our company. 


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