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The MEZeroE ecosystem has been developed to enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and larger companies to use a market-driven (market pull) open innovation approach with a single entry point. It consists of three phases: 1) discovery, 2) empowerment and 3) implementation of reliable test-chains and open innovation services conceived to drive advanced building envelope prototypes to the market as viable, robust, low-risk projects. 

MEZeroE ecosystem

The MEZeroE ecosystem presents and offers its services through a web-based platform that works as a multi-side virtual marketplace where any interested party can discover the services on offer. The platform also enables the matching of players with common interests, allowing them to scout services that are not normally accessible in a single place. The ecosystem encourages secure and controlled knowledge sharing. 

The MEZeroE consortium includes innovative SMEs and prominent industry partners who provide high potential technologies ready to be migrated from the lab to the market. With its open innovation approach, it offers a multiphysics, multi-layer set of services that take the core idea on a journey from Proof-of-Concept to evaluation on a real building or its emulator (full-scale outdoor test facilities) through a unique living lab approach. RTD partners have infrastructure as well as scientific and technical expertise that covers the seven basic requirements under EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) 305/11 as well as of other European and international certification schemes.