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Windowmaster International A/S

Vedbæk, Denmark


Since 1990, we have been developing control systems, hardware, and actuator communication technology that are based on building performance and window automation best practices. We are unique among other providers of window automation and natural ventilation solutions because our expertise covers their implementation from head to toe. Not only do we develop, design, and manufacture our products, but we also have a staff of Building Performance Engineers who specialize in advising our customers on ventilation design matters. 


WindowMaster actuators and control systems for natural, hybrid, and smoke ventilation are of the highest quality, tested by local and international regulatory bodies. Our cleantech solutions reduce energy consumption, while improving indoor air quality, ensuring that the built environment is healthy for people and the planet. 

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Our MeZeroe vision

Many products and solutions on the market are either relatively new and innovative and do not conform directly with, for example, national compliance tools. Our main interest in the MEZeroE project is to acquire greater knowledge and recognition of innovation products/solutions in the context of energy performance and the indoor environment – in other words, how to bridge innovation products / solutions to regulations.   


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