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Tecnología Navarra de Nanoproductos S.L

Navarra, Spain


Tecnología Navarra de Nanoproductos S. L., known as Tecnan, is an industrial producer and supplier of nanomaterials in different formats. Its portfolio includes pure nanopowders, tailored nano-dispersions and ready-to-use liquid nanoproducts for a wide variety of applications and substrates. More specifically, Tecnan produces different kinds of active nanoparticles, including highly complex catalysts to be used in the energy, environmental and automotive sectors, such as perovskites with specific proportions of four different elements in it. Additionally, Tecnan prepares customized dispersions in different liquid media like water or organic solvents, and with different particle loads depending on the customer requirements. Finally, trying to make nanomaterials more accessible through new industrial applications, Tecnan has been focusing on the development ready-to-use products, based on its sound expertise and know-how related to homogeneous nanotechnology-based liquid formulations. Thus, Tecnan’ s catalogue includes several ranges of products such as hydro and oleo repellent coatings for porous substrates, specific water repellent products for glass increasing visibility and safety while driving, anti-soiling self-cleaning products for photovoltaic modules and easy-to-clean as well as protective coatings for metallic substrates among many others. Tecnan also carries out research activities participating in national and international collaborative projects to be aware of most disruptive technologies and applications.

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Our MeZeroe vision

Tecnan aims to solve the intermediate barrier between the production of innovative products and their commercialization. It will obtain two new validated/certificated products from the MEZeroE platform: (1) At least one new nano-oxide composition for Energy Efficient Glazing Systems (thermochromic and/or electrochromic material) and (2) multifunctional self-cleaning, photocatalytic and antimicrobial coating. 


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