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18. RIKO


Ribnica, Slovenia

18. RIKO

Riko Hiše, a company located in Ribnica, Slovenia, produces quality, individually designed, low-energy and ecological prefabricated wooden buildings. From our founding in 1997, we have been committed to construction with wood. We started by producing prefabricated elements from solid wood, then we took over a patented system to produce solid wood buildings, after which frame system construction solutions were added to our portfolio.

With our prefabricated wooden buildings, Riko Hiše creates new lifestyles. Our wish is to raise living standards and to encourage new achievements in space design. By using wood as a renewable construction resource, we raise awareness of the value of ecological materials, healthy lifestyles, and economical and environmentally-friendly construction. We are recognized internationally for quality low-energy construction and have become synonymous with quality housing. We are proud of our role in raising awareness of the social and environmental benefits of ecologically-responsible building materials and practices.  

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