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Neuchâtel, Switzerland


Compáz is a collective of scientific and artistic skills, an incubator of ideas that seeks to create, produce and promote projects that will assist social progress. The projects of Compáz are spaces designed to allow for questioning big ideas about society. They are spaces that allow for a growth in consciousness, a different way of looking at and conceiving of the world.

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Our MeZeroe vision

With the MEZeroE project, Compáz is pleased to continue its activities in support of sustainable development and to contribute to the reduction of CO2 in the construction sector. Compáz projects are spaces for raising important social issues. They are projects that provoke emotions and raise awareness, offering different ways of seeing and conceiving the world. Accordingly, we are particularly motivated by the MEZeroE project and we hope to be able to help achieve the European climate objectives which, because they are so strongly linked to the energy performance of the building sector, will contribute meaningfully to the development of a better world.

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