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FlexAndRobust Systems Ltd.

Kraków, Poland


FlexAndRobust Systems Ltd. (FAR) is a capital company (SME) established in 2016 in Poland the commercialization of polymer flexible joints (PFJ), patented technology developed at Cracow University of Technology (CUT). FAR is spin-off company linked to CUT, with full and exclusive license for the use of PFJ, which are the base for the new technologies it has developed. FAR cooperates with various institutions and universities in Europe, developing and testing new products for the market, also in the context of the H2020 program. FAR offers flexible structural connections in civil engineering, carrying loads and high deformations simultaneously and dissipating energy. Its solutions are suitable for seismic and hurricane areas. FAR is also able to design PFJ to structural requirements and helps in the application of PFJ on real structures. 

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Our MeZeroe vision

FAR’s overall aim is to develop and test innovative solutions we offer for building envelopes, in collaboration with the project partners and other industries and with the research community. We would like to create new products and solutions, combining them with innovative products created by other industrial partners, to make building envelope elements safer to use under extreme loads. We hope that participating in this project allows us to find new business partners and a simple path for the certification of our products.  


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