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Milano, Italy


Nuvap is a pioneer in the management of indoor pollution and promotes the health of people and healthiness of the built environment.  Its aim is to redefine the standards of quality of life, health, and safety for all its customers, through an innovative platform for monitoring indoor pollutants. Thanks to Nuvap’s solutions, it is possible to detect and monitor, in a simple and comprehensive manner, the presence of both chemical and physical pollutants in workplaces, schools, hospitality and healthcare facilities or other private and public buildings where people regularly spend several hours per day. The company’s energies are focused on environmental data collection and analysis technologies. Nuvap’s technology is protected by international patents relating to the exclusive combined and constant monitoring of polluting agents in an indoor environment. 

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Our MeZeroe vision

Nuvap wants to extend and share its experience over air quality management thanks to its products and solutions and the opportunity to integrate the solution with an overall building management project. For Nuvap the indoor air quality management is an important brick to build e live in a sustainable building covering ambient and health aspects together. 


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