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08. DTU

Technical University of Denmark

Lyngby, Denmark

08. DTU

The research group at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) carries out fundamental research on indoor climate and its effect on human health, comfort, and performance. Its highly-cited research has formed the basis for international, European, and national standards and guidelines worldwide. Many of its researchers recognized as world leaders in the field of the indoor environment and its impact on man. The group was, for example, the first to show that indoor air quality affects the mental performance of adults and children and has pioneered personal ventilation (the supply of fresh air to each occupant). 


The group's interdisciplinary research program aims to develop design criteria and innovative technical solutions for creating healthy, comfortable, and productive indoor environments that satisfy human requirements at moderate energy consumption. Many research projects involve exposure of human subjects to single or multiple indoor environment parameters and subsequent observation of the effect on their comfort, health, and productivity. Studies take place both in indoor environment chambers, field experiment offices, and in buildings in practice. The group also participates in projects aiming to develop advanced ventilation systems, air cleaning systems, and systems allowing significant reductions in energy use, recently involving research on human behavior in buildings.

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Our MeZeroe vision

Buildings are for people. They should support their occupants’ healthy living and other vital activities, including work, learning, sleep and rest. Accordingly, humans should be at the center of all decisions made concerning the built environment. DTU’s participation in MEZeroE will secure this precondition by providing protocols for measurements that need to be performed, ensuring the solutions applied will not have any negative effects on humans.  


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