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Zurich, Switzerland


greenTEG AG was founded in 2009 as a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich). The company develops, manufactures, and markets thermal sensors for heat flux and laser power/position measurements and provides consulting on the thermal integration of its products. Today, greenTEG supplies OEMs as well as scientists in corporate and university labs around the world with its unique products.  

 Along with its sensor business, greenTEG has also developed advanced IoT based systems in combination with its heat flux sensors for the building insulation market, and in 2020 launched a new “direct-to-consumer” business where the so-called CORE body temperature wearable device and its app and connectivity to third-party solutions is at the center the market penetration campaign. The greenTEG team consists of around 25 specialists in engineering, materials science, physics, and electric engineering as well as business management. All sensors are fully developed and manufactured in Zurich, Switzerland. 

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Our MeZeroe vision

We are looking forward to this long-lasting project with many European partners from various institutions and industry sectors. We hope that within the next few years we can collaborate together to develop new business streams for our own company and the partners involved, as well as to support reaching – as a society – the European climate goals that are strongly linked to the energetic performance of the building sector.


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