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Barcelona, Spain


Incurvo is a Spanish innovation and technology company founded in Barcelona in 2011. Our multidisciplinary team – made up of engineers, scientists, developers, and business analysts – is united by one goal – to empower technology. We provide a range of services which include technical project management, development of end-to-end electronic products, application development assignments, and turnkey projects in smart buildings and renewable energy. We have a passion for innovation and our goal is to facilitate the entry of disruptive solutions by supporting companies – from financial and administrative solutions – in the most demanding R&D&I processes so they can focus on their core businesses. Our service is holistic and solution-centric, and always agile.  

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Our MeZeroe vision

We aim to succeed in creating a disruptive marketplace which will help companies – particularly SMEs – introduce products into the market faster and at a lower cost than ever before.  Open innovation can be a game changer for European companies, particularly in the creation of unprecedented intellectual property.  

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