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What is MEZeroE?

Let’s start by talking about that unusual name. MEZeroE means “measuring envelope products and systems contributing to the next generation of healthy nearly-zero-energy buildings (nZEB).”

PWC Libeskind Tower, Milan © Focchi
PWC Libeskind Tower

Envelope products and systems – what are they?

There are still some things to unpack from that short description of MEZeroE: the “envelope” consists of the parts of a building that keep the weather out and the conditioned (i.e., heated or cooled) environment in. It is made up of three main systems: the roof, the façade (including walls, windows and doors), and the below-grade waterproofing elements (those that are below the ground level).  

An innovatively-designed building envelope has the potential not only to save money and to extend the life of the building materials, it can also improve a building’s interior environment and, significantly, to decrease energy usage.

MEZeroE – an innovative open ecosystem

MEZeroE offers an open ecosystem for the development, testing and upscaling of smart and bio-based, human-centric envelope products. By combining infrastructure facilities and the expertise of academic and research centers with innovative solutions proposed by industry, MEZeroE is committed to bringing profound – even disruptive – changes to the building market.  

MEZeroE was created to enable the development of evidence-based solutions that are squarely focused on carbon neutrality and healthy indoor environments. These solutions are validated with advanced assessment methods and connected to recognized protocols and a long-term vision.

It is set up to embrace Industry 4.0 trends, rapid decision making and a resolutely customer-centric attitude. MEZeroE accompanies enterprises that choose to adopt the open innovation approach in three distinct phases:

  1. discovery
  2. empowerment, and
  3. realization. 
© Heliatek
© Heliatek

The MEZeroE project – our aim is true

The aim of the MEZeroE project is to develop a European-distributed open innovation system for:

  •     developing nearly zero-energy buildings (nZEB);
  •     transferring knowledge;
  •     matching testing needs with existing facilities;
  •     providing monitoring in living labs;
  •     standardizing cutting-edge solutions coming from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and larger industries, created to foster inclusive change in the building sector and to be accessible to all users via a single entry point. 

Our ecosystem