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arbnco has just launched a new campaign around net zero of the built environment


How do we reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050? This is the question that arbnco is answering. arbnco, a building performance software company and member of the consortium, has just launched a new campaign around net-zero of the built environment.

Net-zero emissions can only be achieved by reducing carbon emissions. The building operation and construction sectors accounting for around 30% of global emissions, action within the industry must be taken now.

How can this be done? According to the green building experts of arbnco, there are three key steps the building owners and operators must focus on:

1. Identify – understand the building. Establish a baseline.

2. Analyse – after understanding how the building is performing, it is now time to manage
and reduce energy consumption within the building.

3. Scale – the process should be repeated across regions and portfolios. By scaling on a
portfolio level, poor performing buildings can be identified for further investigation.

In summary?

- identify which buildings are the poor performers

- analyze what are the most appropriate measures to reduce emissions

- scale solutions across all buildings

You can find more information by clicking on the following report. 

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